Aspirations List, Bucket List

I created this list of life aspirations and goals (a.k.a a bucket list … but I find that term a tad cryptic) in 2005. I am both amazed how much I have completed (many things that didn’t originally appear on this list) and humbled by how much I still have left incomplete. It’s a testament to how much I’ve changed as a person and some of my goals have changed and morphed with me.

Life never goes the way you expect and that is part of the adventure. Your goals grow and transform. It’s not a race to get something done by the time you’re 25 or 30, 40, etc. It’s just the thought of knowing you still have goals you want to accomplish in your life, things that make the bad days easier and give you something worth waking up for.

Daily Aspirations

  • Help someone to laugh or smile every day
  • Remember to acknowledge the privledges and advantages in my life
  • Get outside into the fresh air as often as possible
  • Try something new as often as possible
  • Write a little every day
  • Live simply

Life Aspirations

[X] See the world (work in progress!)
[_] Watch the sun rise from the middle of the ocean
[X] Watch the sun set from the middle of the ocean (May 17, 2008)
[_] be a mentor to someone
[_] publish a travelogue (words and photos)
[_] publish a novel
[_] publish a coffee table photo book
[_] pitch a t.v. show
[_] see a wild tiger
[_] get a tattoo
[_] climb a mountain and/or volcano
[_] smell the sweetest flower
[_] jump out of a perfectly good plane (skydiving)
[_] learn rock climbing
[_] become conversational in Spanish
[_] become conversational in French
[_] learn sign language
[x] see an active volcano (Sep. 29, 2008)
[_] help/volunteer at an elephant sancutary
[X] drink wine in a vinyard in Italy (October 27, 2005 – Tuscany)
[_] pierce my belly button or eye brow
[_] see a wild kangaroo
[_] see a wild koala bear
[_] learn to scuba dive
[_] become PADI certified
[_] learn to sail a boat
[_] jump off a perfectly good cliff (cliff diving)
[_] go hang gliding
[x] see wild dolphins (October 8, 2008)
[_] see whales
[_] learn to surf
[_] learn to play the guitar
[_] pilot a plane/glider (if only for a few minutes)
[_] milk a cow
[_] get physically fit
[_] learn self defense/karate
[_] grow a tree
[_] do charitable work in another country
[_] teach English to someone
[_] learn to dance (swing, salsa, belly, ballroom, etc.)
[x] support myself financially (Going good!Still!!)
[_] Get a degree
[_] Get TEFL certified
[_] Fly in a bi-plane
[x] Move out on my own before I’m 25 (Done! @ 23)
[x] Live in a large city on my own. (Chicago 2006-07)
[x] work on a crusie ship(s) (2007-2008)
[_] Watch a space shuttle launch
[X] Complete CPR & First Aid training
[_] Complete NOLS WFR course
[_] Get more involved with humanitarian/conservation work
[_] Volunteer in my own city
[_] Make my own t-shirt
[_] Learn to Kayak
[_] Fly a Kite
[_] Eat dinner at a restaurant alone

Destination Wishlist

[x] Italy (Rome, Florence, Pompeii, Venice)
[x] NYC, New York (3x)
[_] Buenos Aires, Argentina
[x] San Francisco, USA
[_] Washington D.C., USA
[_] Niagra Waterfalls
[_] Brazil
[_] See The Nile
[_] The Pyramids of Egypt
[_] Guatemala
[_] Bolivia
[_] Peru
[_] Nepal
[_] Austrailia
[_] New Zealand
[_] Argentina
[_] Costa Rica
[_] India
[_] Cambodia
[x] Belize
[x] Honduras
[_] Cuba
[_] Colombia
[x] Hawaii

The new 7 wonders of the world
[_] Christ Redeemer: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
[_] Great Wall of China: China.
[_] Machu Picchu: Peru.
[_] Petra: Jordan.
[_] Pyramid at Chichén Itzá: Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
[x] Roman Colosseum: Rome, Italy.
[_] Taj Mahal: Agra, India.

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